Credit Keeper Monitoring Can Help Your Credit Scores

While there are many credit agencies that claim to help you with your credit and debt management, a lot of these agencies will try their best to take your money and let you think they are helping you. Credit agency scams are growing rapidly, so it is best to do your research and find out how you are protected. Consumers have to be aware of potential risks involved with online credit monitoring and accessing sensitive data online.

Complete Credit Monitoring? What is it and how can help you?

When you are surfing the internet for credit management, you might come across many programs that are associated with boosting and maintaining your credit score. One of these programs is Credit Keeper. Widely used throughout the United States, CreditKeeper offers a service that monitors and manages your credit score/report while helping to increase your credit worthiness.

What exactly does this service do?

CreditKeeper is an online credit monitoring service with offices established in Nashville, TN. They offer a program to help consumers take charge and rebuild or maintain their credit. Basically, a program that keeps you up to date with your current credit reports so you can take that information to improve your credit or keep it up to par. The three main areas of expertise that they focus on are monitoring your credit, credit management, and debt management.

Their service offer access to your credit reports via three main credit bureau services, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. These bureau’s show your credit history, as well as your current credit status.

The program uses its monitoring feature to keep you up to date with all three sources of your credit report. Also included within these reports, you will find your personal information, financial account history, public records, and whether there have been inquiries to your credit report.

You will be able to access, analyze, and compare your credit score totals and how they are compiled. Through My Credit Keeper, your credit will be monitored on a day to day basis and you will receive notification should any there be any change, whether it is legitimate or not. This can also help you refrain from falling victim to identity theft.


With their online learning center, you will also find credit management much easier. You will consistently be able to read over your credit report for any changes or inaccuracies. Should you have a problem with inaccurate information in your credit report, you can use many of the forms they provide to help you dispute it.

Their service also offers the help of credit specialists to help better manage and keep up to date with your credit.
In addition to credit management and monitoring, they also help you make the most of your credit and if need be, improve it. There are many tools in which to keep your credit in good standing as well as rebuilding it should you find yourself in the midst of bad credit.

With their monitoring service, you are able to build action plans that tailored to your personal credit improvement and can track your credit score as you go along. There is a vast array of information that is personalized to your needs, whether you need to know how to get lower interest rates to understanding how your financial decisions and actions can affect your credit report and score.

Privacy Concerns

They are very up front about respecting your rights that are protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which is clearly posted on their site, as well as protecting and securing your information, and keeping you informed.

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